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The Innsbruck Cards

Our cards are designed to make your holiday even sweeter: with included services, discounts and interesting offers in and around Innsbruck. Are you wondering which card is the right one for you? We will introduce you to the different options. They range from our guest card - the Welcome Card - through to other options that are available for purchase such as the Innsbruck Card, tickets specifically designed for skiers or bikers and more. You are sure to find the perfect choice for your holiday.

Welcome Card

The Welcome Card is our free guest card. It is provided at no extra charge by our Welcome Card partners: participating accommodation providers. Three different versions of the Welcome Card are available: the Welcome Card is provided with a stay of two nights and the Welcome Card plus with a minimum stay of three nights. It is also possible to pay for an upgrade to the Welcome Card unlimited.

Our Welcome Cards include numerous practical benefits such as travel on public transport. Depending on the card, there are also many discounts and included services available. These range from attractions such as museums and swimming pools to trips on various lifts and cable cars. Our free mountain hiking programme, the free ski bus, golf attractions and cross-country skiing offers are just some of the highlights you can look forward to with our Welcome Card.

Innsbruck Card

The Innsbruck Card is your ideal companion for exploring Innsbruck. It gives you access to all of our museums, the hop-on hop-off Sightseer bus and various lifts & cable cars in and around Innsbruck. The card is available to purchase for 24, 48 or 72 hours. The validity period starts from the moment the card is first used to access one of the included services or facilities.

How does a visit to the beautiful Ambras Castle or the Imperial Palace sound? Would you like to admire local art and culture in the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art? Or would you rather travel up to an altitude of over 2,200 metres above sea level and look down over the Alps? The Innsbruck Card offers all this and more.